opening :: 11th October 2019

Costa Magarakis creates sculptures with stories to tell. Inspired by Victorian times and science fiction novels and animated by elements of the children’s imagination, their grotesque pieces gain profoundly surrealistic imagery. One of the recurring elements in his creations is the shoes that he believes to have a “personality of his own”. For Costa Magarakis, the shoe is also a symbol of movement, of travel, of a distant place, of discovery and, with each new piece, he feels capable of traveling the world without having to leave his studio. In the imaginary world of Costa Magarakis, the shoe completely loses its function, becoming a pandora box from which flamingos-machines, pirate boats, silent ducks or even scenarios of disgrace emerge. After Singapore and the United States of America, Costa Magarakis now arrives in Portugal to present, for the first time, a solo exhibition at the Shoe Museum.

Temporary exhibition