From 11 October 2020 to 25th September 2021

Silvia Fadó is a Spanish footwear designer with a restless and creative personality who acknowledges a certain obsession with perfection. To this creator, footwear design exceeds a simple vocation, to her it is a calling and a lifelong dream. Consciously steering clear of the obvious and stereotypes, Silvia Fadó keeps the tradition of artisanal making and attention to detail alive, combining the pleasure of the discovery of the functional and aesthetic potential of the materials she uses with the experimentation of technological avant-garde. Architecture has taught her to think of the drawing and functionality in an innovative manner. Fashion has stimulated her artistic and creative side. Engineering and functional and clever design have given her the possibility of idealising collections where haute couture and technology merge, resulting in pieces with futuristic lines. The hydraulic heel, a visionary concept that becomes her trademark, combines the use of hydraulic systems and rapid prototyping, such as laser cutting or 3D printing, to the comfort of the shoe. Seeking to overcome the boundaries between design and comfort, Silvia Fadó’s creations bring comfort and functionality to haute couture pieces and mark new paths for the future of the footwear sector.