Calendar | SEPTEMBER 2018

Temporary exhibition

Temporary exhibition

Amber Ambrose Aurèle. WALKING IN WONDERLAND.

Temporary exhibition


Amber Ambrose Aurèle. "Walking in Wonderland" is the first exhibition of the new cycle of programming of the Shoe Museum, titled "Creating between worlds. From head to toe".

Amber Ambrose Aurèle is a young designer who creates heels of dizzyingly high heels that challenge the boundaries between Haute Couture and Art. Reflecting on the contemporary limits of art and industry and the complex issues of gender today, Amber Ambrose Aurèle believes that the creation of shoes is always the result of an interdisciplinary research that will result in new fields of exploration in each collection that produces.

With themes that are always inspiring, ranging from direct tribute to Piet Mondrian’s neoplasticism, to allusions to the cosmos or to literature, the boundaries between footwear and the art object are diluted in Amber.

"Amber Ambrose Aurèle. Walking in Wonderland "makes a transversal reading of his career, presenting for the first time an unpublished collection. This exhibition marks the debut of the designer in Portugal and is her first solo exhibition.